What You Need to Know About 80’s Fashion Trends

What You Need to Know About 80's Fashion Trends

You might not notice it but the world of fashion consists of the concept known as “recycling.” That hot new trend that you’ve been dying to get into for quite some time might not be so brand new after all. It could be just another rendition of an old iconic style that somehow made its way back into store shelves as the demand for the fashion trend began anew.

The same can be said about fashion trends in the 1980’s as there are some developments in today’s style that do pay homage to the era when individualism and uniqueness were the prime culture. For example, shoulder pads are still a thing that’s being sought by many, albeit the length of the pads are made shorter in modern times as compared to when they were very hot during the 80’s. Here are some other fashion trends in the 1980’s that you might want to know.

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Black and White Stripes

Even though 1980’s fashion trends dictate that people should primarily choose fluorescent colors to express their individualistic nature, some individuals would like to keep it simple but still showed their unique side. As such, striped shirts with black-and-white stripes were all the rage during this decade. Vertical, horizontal, thin, and fat – no matter what type of stripes you sport on your ensemble, you’ll still look unique amongst the crowd.

The Bigger The Better

If you want to consider yourself to be part of the unique elite, then you need to impress the fashion police with large pieces of just about every piece of clothing or fashion item you have. Towering hairstyles, shoulder pads that mimicked airplane wings, and earrings so large you might even want to shoot some hoops in them if you could. Yes, these pieces of clothing are outrageous, but this decade was all about making a statement. You can even match your extreme clothing and apparel by matching the color of your shirt with your shoes.

Floral Prints

Many people during the 80’s would want to stand out from the crowd by displaying their happy-go-lucky nature, and to do that they had to buy shirts, dresses, or skirts with floral prints. Floral patterns were such a huge fashion trend that some would even fill their closets with nothing but flowery pieces of clothing. Still, it would be wise during that decade to never overdo it with the floral prints when wearing them.

Chucks and Leg Warmers

Spring in the 1980’s bred fashion trends in the form of leg warmers. These pieces of clothing won’t just keep you warm, but you’ll also look highly fashionable when worn. Pair them with a mini skirt or you can even place them over your fishnet stockings and no one would mind. Complete the set with a pair of Chucks, or otherwise known as Converse high tops, and you can win the crowd.

You can also expect some other fashion trends from the 1980’s such as fishnet stockings, jelly bracelets, and fluorescent shirts and pants. If you want to take a sneak peek at 80’s fashion, then you can go ahead and visit 80-tals kläder.