If you work under the multilevel-marketing method (MLM) then you’re probably familiar with the unfair perception you sometimes get. People who choose to make a living by selling MLM products sometimes get questioned if their business is legitimate or if it’s another one of those get rich quick scams. Just because it’s not the regular office job doesn’t mean it’s any less real. While it’s easy to dispel customer hesitation on legitimacy once you show them the actual product, it’s hard to stop the online hate especially when you don’t know who’s causing it.

Fight Fire with Fire

A quick Google search will show you how people often question an MLM business model. If you type your business name there will probably be blogs and search items that will have the words “scam” or “fake” written alongside it. One way to counter these efforts is to use social media against social media. It’s true you can’t take down every single one of these sites but what you can do is build your own credibility. Think of social proof. If you see that a lot of people are raving about a particular product then you’d be less likely to question it, right? Creating a solid reputation through authentic customer reviews can help ensure that no one questions your legitimacy. A website like Kyani proves how creating genuine content on their products helps their image.


Research Rules

Before buying a product, there are a lot of shoppers who extensively research on that particular item. They want to make sure that the money they’re spending won’t go to waste. This is especially true with skin care and fitness products. The price point of MLM items is often on the high-end side so shoppers are not always quick to bite. As a business owner, your responsibility is to alleviate the concerns and show your customers why they have nothing to fear. By providing substantial research and scientific studies on your products you’ll be able to dispel any hint of hesitation. Fortunately, most MLM products provide easy access to information like that. As the saying goes “Knowledge is power”, and you’d be wise to stack up on as much knowledge on your product as you can.

Word of Mouth Always Wins

Have you noticed that you’re more likely to listen to a recommendation from a friend vs anonymous reviews? While it is important to build that online credibility through ratings and reviews, that alone isn’t enough. One way to combat doubters and haters is to start with your existing customer pool. If you have a solid relationship with your shoppers then ask them to recommend you to their friends. If they put in a word in for you that will go miles in proving your legitimacy and building your credibility. Aside from proving that your products work, this can open a whole new network of potential customers. If you continuously ask for referrals and recommendations to your shopper’s friends then you will only get more people to buy your product.