3 Tips for DotA 2 Newbies

3 Tips for DotA 2 Newbies

DotA 2 continues to attract players both novices and professionals who want to try their hand at the popular online game. If you’re a noob, you need to prepare for what you’re about to face. Bear in mind, the DotA 2 community isn’t as sympathetic to new players as others might be.

Check out these three tips to get you updated on what you should know once you’ve created your DotA account. This might help save you from grief and ridicule as you start to play the game. In no time, you’ll realize the game is easy to work out. Yet at the same time, find out mastering it is another matter altogether.

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You’re New So Be Nice

Technically, everyone will call you a noob throughout your first 50 games. At the same time, be prepared for complaints coming your way as you make your way through the game. However, this is all part of the competitive spirit of the game. Don’t take it personally. If necessary, let them know you’re new to the game.

Stay nice and focus your attention on how to gain experience. The alternative is ending up in Low Priority for cursing at your co-players.

Play Your Role

Remember, DotA 2 is a team game. Each one of you has a specific role to play. Knowing what your role is in the team and playing it well is critical. The key roles you’ll encounter are carry, ganker, mid, and support.

The hardest role to play is the carry while the easiest is the support. The typical format requires 2 supports, a mid, a carry, and a ganker. Check the small icon next to the hero you select to know which role you play. Then again, be prepared in case another player opts to switch roles by using the right items.

Steer Clear of Uphill Battles

It’s a typical rookie mistake to fight uphill. However, remember if your enemy is on higher ground you’re only wasting your attacks. Statistically, you end up missing by as much as 25%. Imagine using those attacks elsewhere and getting more experience because of you made a wise choice to avoid the battle. Then again, if you’re the one on higher ground then you have the advantage. It takes a lot of practice playing a lot of games to level up. Unless you’re willing to spend for a dota 2 account.